Naomi Sakuma - beads on the loom

through my life from childhood to motherhood of three children,  I always had passion in making handicraft and have tried many kinds of craft making from knitting, paper cray, basket weaving, silver work, and of course, beadwork.


It was not until in my late 40s that I put my hands on the bead loom, and soon I found the wider possibility that suggested in both as a place for my artistic expression and as my profession.


Now I specialize in designs and productions of works with bead on the loom.

Thanks to my love and training in fine arts when young, I often find myself enjoying the challenge of making rich expression in colors that I am good at, despite the limited numbers of colors available as glass beads for looming.


I am currently living in Tokyo where I am native to, where I run Studio Metiers with two other friend-artists and teach classes at home. 


I have been teaching classes and workshops at the Bead and Button Show in the United States every year since 2007.



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